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Story Title: Wild at Heart
Genre: Twilight – Romance/Western
Rating: M
Details: Canon, Vampires, Dark Themes
Summary: Cold, deadly, but sexy as hell, James Wilder is a frontiersman in the Old American West who becomes the unwilling protector of his boss’ frightened and abused daughter Victoria Childress.
Disclaimer: All Twilight characters are the property of Stephenie Meyers.

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Chapter 1 - The Hunter

Chapter 2 - His Prey

You know you're addicted to twilight when...
Darwinian Brains
You're taken to the Lake District on a romantic holiday by your husband and keep seeing Twilight references.

First you keep seeing road signs to Carlisle, which isn't too far from the Lake District

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Looking forward to the New Moon exclusive?
Through dangers untold
I'm pretty sure most of you have heard that they are going to be showing an exclusive clip of New Moon at the MTV Movie Awards. They even got Rob, Kristen and Taylor to introduce it.

If you've seen any of the newly taken photos of the shirtless Edward *drools*, how many are a little upset that he's not in an alley, but outside the front of a building?

For those of us who love the books so much that we write!
Through dangers untold
Hey everyone! I know I love the books so much that I've taken to Role-playing different characters. I love the way you can delve deeper into the characters that Stephenie Meyer just didn't have the time or the space to. So I thought I'd post a list of RPGs for everyone to check out if they are interested. I'm a part of some of them and a few I'm not, but I know of them, so I'm going to post them all :)

LJ - RPGs:

cullenfamilyrpg This is an RPG that begins in Twilight. It's an established timeline, so there is no jumping around. Please check it out!

InsaneJournal - RPG
Forever Dawn This particular RP is an AU that takes place 1 year after Breaking Dawn. Basically saying that Renesmee had never been born, Bella hadn't been changed yet.

Board RPGs: Multiple timelines welcome
(Posted in Alphabetical order)

After Forever This one is getting on it's feet and are still looking for canon characters.
Breathing Eternity This one is brand new and looking for quality Canon characters.
Convergence of Dark This particular RPG is multi-verse spanning Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Charmed, World of Darkness and room for others. There are many characters to chose to play.
Eternal Beauty Another fairly new RPG looking for quality characters!
Into The Dark This one is pretty well established but still looking for lots of Characters! Come jump on in!

Please check them out if you're interested. I know I'm always looking for cool people to RP with!

Carlisle query
I've never posted on here before so hi to everyone =)

A fellow Twilight fan asked me about a scene in the movie that had me stumped. She wanted to know what Carlisle is chopping in the kitchen when Edward brings Bella in to introduce her to the Cullens?

I re-watched the scene myself but couldn't make it out.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance ♥

I was off today so I made A quick Vid!!So Enjoy!!
twi apple

Have A Great Easter!!

Lots Of Love

Into the Dark RPG Looking for You!

I'd like to announce the launch of a new RPG - "Into the Dark."

We are brand new, so the only characters taken so far are Jasper and Alice. All other characters are available. We are a RP without a timeline - intentionally. Feel free to RP at whatever time period you want. We like to give a lot of freedom to our RPers to exercise their creativity. So come and play Jasper and Maria in the 19th century, or with Bella and Edward, post Breaking Dawn. It's all up to you and everything is open - as long as you stay with canon. This RP is strictly canon through Eclipse, but will allow more freedom after that. :)

So come check us out!

PS. To all my RiD and Equinox friends - NO, this does not mean I will be spending any less time at other RPs. ;) It only means that I will have something to do between my posts there. ;) *hugs to all of you*

Hope and History - Chapter 7 - Blessed
Title: Hope and History - Chapter 7 - Blessed
Author: sammiifer
Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters and Pairings: Alice/Jasper
Spoilers: Eclipse
Word Count: 2928
Summary: Jasper and Alice leave Philadelphia.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I just play with them. :)
Author’s Notes: This chapter is strongly influenced by a RP I did with neytaritook as Alice several months back. Although all the writing is mine, some of the original ideas were ones we came up with together. They have been changed and altered to fit this story, but to give credit where credit is due, thank you, neytaritook, you're a great and inspiring Alice. ;)

This chapter, or indeed, any of my writing, would have been impossible without the constant support of my friend and beta, sirenprincess. Bless you.

Hope and History - Chapter 7 - Blessed

Through dangers untold
Hey everyone! Hopefully you've all gone out and bought your DVDs and have been enjoying all the bonus features.

Which versions did you buy?
Which versions have better bonus features that you're specifically interested in?
What is your favourite deleted Scene?
Favourite extended scene?
Which scene that was deleted do you think should have been kept in the movie?

Just some discussion to get us going!

Happy monday!

Hey everyone!
Through dangers untold
Well the day that the movie comes out on DVD is drawing ever closer. Are you all excited? Did you pre-order your copies or are you going to hit up some of these release parties? Going to try to elbow some teenagers out of the way for your own copy? :) LOL

Access Hollywood has been posting some of the deleted scenes from the movie and wow. I can't wait to see all of the extended stuff.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!


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