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Hey everyone!
Through dangers untold
kysrinaria wrote in oldr_twilightrs
Well the day that the movie comes out on DVD is drawing ever closer. Are you all excited? Did you pre-order your copies or are you going to hit up some of these release parties? Going to try to elbow some teenagers out of the way for your own copy? :) LOL

Access Hollywood has been posting some of the deleted scenes from the movie and wow. I can't wait to see all of the extended stuff.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!

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I am SUPER excited about the dvd and have already pre-ordered my copy. Sadly my local Borders is not doing any kind of release party. :(

Yeah...those Access Hollywood scenes. Not sure what to make of them. They don't seem to quite fit in with the movie so I'll be curious to hear the commentary about them. I read an interview awhile back with Catherine saying that she filmed some "crazy" montage scenes and I'm wondering if those are part of it.

So glad to see a post here!

I just did an preorder. Those usually arrive early. :D

We're still contemplating which version / box set we want to try and order.

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