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Into the Dark RPG Looking for You!
sammiifer wrote in oldr_twilightrs

I'd like to announce the launch of a new RPG - "Into the Dark."

We are brand new, so the only characters taken so far are Jasper and Alice. All other characters are available. We are a RP without a timeline - intentionally. Feel free to RP at whatever time period you want. We like to give a lot of freedom to our RPers to exercise their creativity. So come and play Jasper and Maria in the 19th century, or with Bella and Edward, post Breaking Dawn. It's all up to you and everything is open - as long as you stay with canon. This RP is strictly canon through Eclipse, but will allow more freedom after that. :)

So come check us out!

PS. To all my RiD and Equinox friends - NO, this does not mean I will be spending any less time at other RPs. ;) It only means that I will have something to do between my posts there. ;) *hugs to all of you*


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