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Carlisle query
theslayer730 wrote in oldr_twilightrs
I've never posted on here before so hi to everyone =)

A fellow Twilight fan asked me about a scene in the movie that had me stumped. She wanted to know what Carlisle is chopping in the kitchen when Edward brings Bella in to introduce her to the Cullens?

I re-watched the scene myself but couldn't make it out.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance ♥

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I've looked through the screencaps and found this one:

It's just for a tinx moment but it's definitely Carlisle's hands. So, it seems like it's bacon or something.

It definitely looks like some kind of bacon.

Thanks so much for your help! =)

This is actually the second time this has come up recently. :)

To be more specific it's pancetta, an Italian bacon.

Thanks so much for the help.

Your icon rocks BTW ♥ LOL

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