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For those of us who love the books so much that we write!
Through dangers untold
kysrinaria wrote in oldr_twilightrs
Hey everyone! I know I love the books so much that I've taken to Role-playing different characters. I love the way you can delve deeper into the characters that Stephenie Meyer just didn't have the time or the space to. So I thought I'd post a list of RPGs for everyone to check out if they are interested. I'm a part of some of them and a few I'm not, but I know of them, so I'm going to post them all :)

LJ - RPGs:

cullenfamilyrpg This is an RPG that begins in Twilight. It's an established timeline, so there is no jumping around. Please check it out!

InsaneJournal - RPG
Forever Dawn This particular RP is an AU that takes place 1 year after Breaking Dawn. Basically saying that Renesmee had never been born, Bella hadn't been changed yet.

Board RPGs: Multiple timelines welcome
(Posted in Alphabetical order)

After Forever This one is getting on it's feet and are still looking for canon characters.
Breathing Eternity This one is brand new and looking for quality Canon characters.
Convergence of Dark This particular RPG is multi-verse spanning Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Charmed, World of Darkness and room for others. There are many characters to chose to play.
Eternal Beauty Another fairly new RPG looking for quality characters!
Into The Dark This one is pretty well established but still looking for lots of Characters! Come jump on in!

Please check them out if you're interested. I know I'm always looking for cool people to RP with!

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I love playing Edward and a lot of Bellas love me playing him. (I was SO surprised!)

I could see him AU...maybe 'Midnight Sun' Edward. Who knows. Is that on a message board? Or is that on LJ?

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