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Hope and History - Chapter 6 - Joined
TITLE: Hope and History - Chapter 6 - Joined
AUTHOR: sammiifer
GENRE: Angst/Romance
RATING: NC-17. PG-13 version available.
WARNING: The NC-17 version contains graphic (consensual) sexual acts.
CHARACTERS: Jasper, Alice
PAIRING: Jasper/Alice
SUMMARY: Jasper struggles with letting Alice get close to him.
WORD COUNT: 2575 (NC-17 version)
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Special thanks to my wonderful beta sirenprincess. If, when she posts her story in a couple of weeks/months/years, similarities are found between hers and mine, I want it to be stated for the record that her story came first. I'm afraid some of the wonderful discussions we've had must have worn off on me. No theft of ideas, etc. was intended.

For those of you who are new to this story - Chapters 1-5.

If you are over 18 read this version (adult-content locked): Chapter 6 - Joined

If you are under 18, or do not want to read graphic depictions of (consensual) sex, read this version: Chapter 6 - Joined

Come RP With Us!
Hi, everyone! I'm the admin of a new Twilight RPG (cullenfamilyrpg) and we're looking for dedicated RPers to come join us. :) We're a friendly community, completely open to all levels of RPers (even if you've never RPed before, we'd be glad to help you out and coach you along the way!), as long as you're excited about Twilight and willing to give the RP a bit of time every couple of days (more frequently is GREAT AND STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, but I know there's life outside of RPG!).

As we are brand new we only have a few characters taken. Some characters we're particularly looking for:

Mike Newton

(and others - for a full list of who is/is not taken, see cullenfamilyrpg)

And we'd also love to have original characters.

The complete rules are posted here cullenfamilyrpg. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, just message me at sammiifer or AIM me at jasperhale43. The only rule for who can join is that I'd strongly prefer this to be 18+. RP experience is not necessary, only a love of Twilight and the dedication to stay with it.

Here's the link again:



Hope your Day/Night is going well!!Enjoy!


Another thing to ponder
Why is New Moon being filmed in Vancouver? I mean it's really cool that they will be filming the Volturi scenes in Italy but why are the Forks scenes being filmed in Vancouver? For Twilight they filmed in Washington and Portland which was the perfect backdrop.

Sorry I'm being nit picky. I'm just kind of a perfectionist. And yeah, as someone commented on my previous post, I totally understand that they don't age and that's a really good point, however what if Weitz fucks up New Moon? Then we'll be stuck with his Eclipse as well.

Oh well. It's obviously out of our hands. I'm just curious as to people's thoughts and if anyone has any info about this stuff.

Wait, What?
where was that line?
"Director Chris Weitz is set to film New Moon and Eclipse simultaneously this year."

Did I miss something? Did everyone know this already? Can it be confirmed?

I'm not sure I like the idea of them being filmed back to back.

Full article here:

Long Overdue Cake Pics
picsCollapse )

Another Video I Made!!

More silliness from me
I created a New Moon soundtrack. I was starting to get bored with the Twilight one I made. So in case it interests you:

Rattlin' Bones by Kasey Chambers
See the Sun by Lisa Gerrard
A Retinue of Moons/The Infidel I Am by Rasputina
Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge
Fill Me Up by Awim
Deep Honey by Goldfrapp
Walking With a Ghost by Tegan and Sara
The Kill by The Dresden Dolls
Lightening Crashes by Live
It's All a Lie by Keren Ann
Such Great Heights by Postal Service
Song to Say Goodbye by Placebo
Once In a Lifetime by Wolfsheim

Hope you like!

Robert Pattinson wins Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man
Through dangers untold
2008 Most Attractive Man award


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