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oldr_twilightrs's Journal

Older Twilighters Unite
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Welcome to all Twilight Saga fans of 25 and up!
Feeling older than everyone else in other Twilight communities? Then you've come to the right place. Not that we diss our younger counterparts but it's just another rich part of our fandom!

1. Must be 25 and up to join. (if you are over 20 and REALLY want to join, send me a PM and we can talk about it!)
2. Must love the Twilight Saga. Of course this is the obvious DUUUUH requirement!
3. Must be civilized in discussions. I'm not into banning people, but If things get out of hand, I don't have a problem stepping in.
4. Respect other's opinions as much as you respect your own. :)
5. Bring interesting conversations/discussions with you!
6. When posting graphics - If it's more than one big picture, please use an LJ cut. If it's icons, just a few previews and the rest under a cut. Just to save friend's pages :)
7. The most important rule. HAVE FUN!